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Star Alliance in the field of Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Star Alliance in the field of Marketing - Essay Example Alliances were an appropriate response to the market change by the leading airlines. Star Alliance is the largest with a market share of 23.6 percent followed by Sky Team, Oneworld and Wings (Czipura & Jolly, 2007). This paper will discuss how at Star, the benefits are reaped both by the customers and the airlines, the route setup and the basis, the problems and pitfalls encountered and how Star Alliance differentiates itself from other airline alliances. The Star Alliance started as a joint marketing effort between United Airlines and Air Canada in 1992 and was formed on the premise that each could derive benefits from expanding the range of cooperation. They wanted to increase the membership and devolve authority towards a more centralized and independent organization structure (Anslinger & Jenk, 2004). By 1997 Scandinavian Air System (SAS), Deutsche Lufthansa, Thai Airways International had joined the alliance. These five members signed bilateral agreements regarding code sharing, joint marketing activities, and flight schedule coordination (Czipura & Jolly, 2007). The alliance wanted to exploit the benefits of a worldwide network. By 2006, there were 18 full members in addition to several regional members and member candidates. Today it has 24 members and has a centralized set of activities and functions. The Star Alliance serves 855 airports in 155 (, 2007) countries and expects to achieve substantial savings thr ough rationalizing their operations and in the process squeezing out competitors (Boyd, 2001). Airlines have little control over fixed expenditure like aircraft and equipments and the labor costs account for almost one-third expenses in the industry. As such most airlines are looking for saving expenditure in other areas. In 2001, Star Alliance created a new and more stable management structure. Prior to this, the alliance was driven by the individual

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Where the Wild Things Are Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Where the Wild Things Are - Essay Example Initially, Sendak wanted to put horses in place of wild things, but he abandoned the idea as he realized he could not draw horses better than wild beasts and mosters. As his mother locked him up in his room without offering him supper, he had an intrinsic desire to conquer his fear of wild things. Therefore, in his subconscious, he decided to confront them. The conversion of room of limited capacity into a world as vast as accommodative of sea, jungle and the wonderland full of wild things is all Max’s fantasy. As the ship took Max to the land occupied by wild things, he visualized the most fearful images of wild things in their extreme aggression he had for long been fearful of. Particularly from a child’s perspective, the way author narrated the rage of wild things is captivating. Beasts with large rolling yellow eyes and cluttering pointed teeth are the typical images of wild things that folk tales conventionally make use of. It is so because for children, rage reflects in the eyes and jaws of wild things. However, Max’s subconscious had taken him to the land of wild things, not to get frightened, but instead, to frighten them. So he stupefied the wild things by giving them a uninterrupted stare. The author has a solid reason why Max can frighten the wild things by staring at them without blinking. The reason is that when we, as adults, sternly forbid the children from doing something, we tend to give them a stern look, and try not to blink our eyes. This conveys a solid message to the children that we mean what we say. Likewise, Max conveyed his message to the wild things that he ought not to fear them. This made him the king of wild things and he ruled them. This is when, Max conquered his fear of wild things. Although Max’s mother had punished him, yet he always knew she loved him by heart and would not leave him hungry. He did not see his mum put supper in his room. Even

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And Sun Also Rises Essay Example for Free

And Sun Also Rises Essay This paper discusses Ernest Hemingway’s novel And Sun Also Rises (1926) and takes an in-depth analysis of the development of the female character Lady Brett Ashley in trying to come up with better understanding of the character’s role in the novel. Hemingway’s And Sun Also Rises is widely regarded as Hemingway’s best novel. It became the overnight Bible of the postwar generation. (Barrett, 724) The novel revolves the theme of damage done to Hemingway’s generation by the violence of World War I. All the main characters of the novel are to certain extent scarred by war. Some of them suffer physical injuries like Jake or Count Mippipopolous and others bear the psychological trauma of â€Å"lost generation† (the phrase belonged to Hemingway’s friend Gertrude Stein and became the novel’s first epigraph). Among those psychologically deteriorated individuals Lady Brett Ashley is a controversial character that evokes different readers’ and critics’ reaction. This paper explores the path by which Lady Ashley’s character develops through the novel. With the first meeting with Brett Ashley her individual female sexual appeal and exceptional general attractiveness is revealed. From the beginning of the book, men find her irresistible. When Jake, as narrator, first introduces Brett, he says, â€Å"Brett was damned good-looking. She wore a slipover jersey sweater and a tweed skirt, and her hair was brushed back like a boy’s. She started all that. She was built with curves like the hull of a racing yacht, and you missed none of it with that wool jersey† (Hemingway, 22). Robert Cohn, too, is immediately captivated by Brett, and a short time later, he says, â€Å"She’s a remarkably attractive woman† (Hemingway, 38). She is a strong and independent woman and probably these are the features that attract men more than her physical beauty. Her real tool is her charisma that strikes the men around her. Every significant male character in the novel, at one time or another, comments on Brett’s female attractiveness. When he is introduced to Brett, Bill Gorton says, â€Å"Beautiful lady† (Hemingway, 74); Mike Campbell says, â€Å"Brett, you are a lovely piece. Don’t you think she’s beautiful? † (Hemingway, 79) These compliments are like a refrain that is reiterated through the rest of the novel. Despite the abounding attention on men’s side Brett rejects to become committed to a single man, at least physically. Neither the affluence of attention nor her independence makes Brett a happy woman. Having first appeared as a careless free woman Brett Ashley turns out to be an unhappy and miserable creature just the same as all those who lived through the war. Brett is often described in the literary criticism as sexually promiscuous, or even a nymphomaniac, which seems extreme given that in the course of the story she has sexual relationships with, at most, three men her fiancee, Mike Campbell; Robert Cohn; and Pedro Romero. Some critics, like Edmund Wilson, assess Brett’s conduct as â€Å"bitch-like†; Wilson interprets Brett Ashley as â€Å"an exclusively destructive force† (p. 238). This interpretation, plausibly, is directly related rely to Brett’s own assertion that she makes to Jake after she leaves Romero: â€Å"You know it makes one feel rather good deciding not to be a bitch† (Hemingway, 245). Nonetheless it is difficult to agree with such interpretation of Brett’s character. First of all it is known that she is one of the â€Å"lost generation†, the people whose youth fell on the post-war period when the relationships and responsibilities were loose and disordered, and so Brett’s behavior merely reflects this time. Furthermore, though Brett never stayed with any man longer than she wanted, she never displayed cruelty in attitude toward men, so she could not destruct them to any degree. And the most important thing which explains Brett’s character is again related to the time of the novel. Brett Ashley belongs to those people whose thoughts are confused being affected by the war. So while looking for her way in life she fails in finding the lull for her psychological disturbances therefore continues her self-abusive conduct. Brett can be profoundly careless of the feelings of others. She scatters cigarette ashes on Jake’s rugs, and when Romero gives her a bull’s severed ear after a successful bullfight, she leaves the gift behind, stuffed in a hotel drawer. Cohn calls her a sadist when she is unmoved by the plight of the horses gored in the bullring. Certainly she uses Jake heartlessly at times, expecting him to introduce her to a man she desires, put up with her affairs, remain steadfast in his devotion to her, and faithfully run to her rescue on short notice when she finds herself at loose ends in another country. Yet she is also deeply unhappy and emotionally fragile. Viewed more sympathetically, she can be seen as a self-destructive woman, traumatized by the ugly and unromantic loss of her first love to dysentery in the war: â€Å"Brett hurts no one in the novel as severely as she hurts herself. Her nymphomania, her alcoholism, her constant fits of depression, and her obsession with bathing are all symptoms of an individual engaged in a consistent pattern of self-abuse† (Whitlow, 56). All in her misery she often complains to Jake, her only true friend, about her aimless existence and unsatisfying life. Her vagrancy from relationship to relationship is assimilated with Jake and company roaming around bars. As the novel unfolds one observes how Lady Ashley transforms from the self-confident independent woman into one who seems extremely awkward being by herself. That is why she is searching for the shelter in more or less stable though platonic relations with Jake. As with the other characters, World War I obviously played the determinative role in the formation Brett Ashley’s character. Having lost her true love during the war she elaborated the pattern of random relations, especially with regard to men. Her skepticism and lost faith in search for true love symbolizes the search of the whole lost generation for their decayed values. Unable to find support in the traditional convictions that imposed certain meaning to her life Brett feels morally lost. Having lost belief in anything Brett together with her friends is trying to escape the reality and fill her empty life with careless wandering from bar to bar, living night life, drinking and entertaining, doing everything that fits into the notion escapist activity. The character of Lady Brett Ashley is developing through the novel from the initial impression of careless but happy woman into the typical representative of post-war generation with aimless way in life. Parties, free love and other kinds of merry-making are only the futile distraction for concealing the sorrow and insecurity that filled her soul.

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Social Networking Safety :: Social Networks, Facebook, Twitter

MySpace gained popularity when businesses and bands began using it for advertising. Since the launch of Facebook, both have made social networking part of daily life for millions of people worldwide. Internet relationships have become more popular and face-to-face interactions have become more rare. Though these websites allow friends to stay in touch more easily, they also raise safety concerns. Predators have found ways to gain access to innocent bystanders. The age of account users on these sites has become an issue. Parents’ main priority for their children when it comes to the internet is their safety. The safety risk has caused many parents to ban social networking sites in their home. The question on everyone’s mind is, is it worth risking personal safety to communicate more easily? While staying in touch with friends is essential to adolescent development, there are less risky ways to do so. An article by Jennifer Sexton and Marlanda English states that online sites put young people at risk for online predators when they believe they are socializing with friends. Cyber relationships can delay the growth of real relationships according to Sylvia Engdahl in Online Social Networking. Anne Whittaker and Geraldine Wagner wrote that these websites can stimulate the economy by creating advertising opportunities. Advertising and socializing can be combined with these sites, and as Craig Belanger and Laura Finley wrote in an online article, they allow even the shyest of people to express themselves freely. MySpace is a great place to advertise businesses, while Facebook can create the virtual interaction that everyone seeks. Safety precautions can be implemented to ensure only those of suitable age can have access to these sites. Each year there are more advances in technology that allow the world to connect on more personal levels. The new-found popularity of social networking sites accompanies advancements in technology. Social sites allow people around the world to connect with one another in an instant without much hassle. With many great achievements or advancements comes a controversy. The controversy over the popularity and use of social networking sites has alarmed groups of people around the globe. Each group seems to have its own opinion on each miniscule detail of the ever popular sites such as MySpace and Facebook, and they state their opinion in every way possible. While advancements in technology have allowed social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook to connect people around the world, they may be releasing too much information and therefore making innocent people vulnerable to dangerous situations.

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Narrative Paragraph Essay

The toddler climbed laboriously up onto the stool, determined to â€Å"help† her mother. But her mother did not notice; she was far too busy with the frantic preparations for the birthday party. Ten three-year-olds and their mothers coming for an afternoon of treats, games and face painting: a herald of another party, ten years from now, when make up would be the order of the day, the child’s father had observed. As the mixer whirred and the dishwasher swished and the oven beeped its warning of impending culinary disaster, the child’s attempt to be a part of the busy-ness was more than her mother could attend to. She did not notice when the girl reached the top of the stool, nor did she see the tiny hand reach out toward the glinting beaters as they beat the pale golden batter. As she faced the oven, removing the first cookie tray, she heard the scream. Whirling, she took in the tiny hand held high, the tragic face, and the stream of scarlet mixing itself into th e cake. A kiss, a cuddle and a band-aid calmed the birthday girl; a shake of her head and a moment of revelation calmed her mother. A birthday candle in a cookie would be just fine. See more: how to start a narrative essay Paragraph Analysis Purpose: to tell a brief story Structure: no real thesis statement, as there is nothing to be proven in this paragraph, but there is an introductory sentence that establishes character, setting and situation, there are body sentences, and there is a concluding sentence that summarizes the resolution of the main conflict Language: language is relatively casual and includes a single example of the language of the three-year-old child to help establish character Features: narrative components such as plot, characters, setting, conflict and resolution are evident; use of onomatopoeia (â€Å"whirred,† â€Å"swished,† â€Å"beeped†) to mimic the distracting effects of the busy kitchen EXPOSITORY PARAGRAPH An expository paragraph explains something; its purpose is to help the reader understand. In order to ensure that the purpose is achieved, the writer of the paragraph may utilize a number of paragraph features and language techniques. One essential feature is logical organization. This may take a number of forms, including demonstrating cause and effect or following a  chronological order. Another important feature is providing support for the explanation being made. This support may consist of examples, illustrations, statistical or expert evidence, or even appropriate anecdotes. A final critical feature is clarity of language. The paragraph may make employ language devices such as metaphors or allusions to help illustrate its points, but they must be relatively straight forward and easy to follow so that no misunderstanding of the important points will occur. By employing these kinds of features and techniques, the writer of an expository paragraph will ensure that the paragraph’s meaning is clear to the reader. Paragraph Analysis Purpose: to explain some of the techniques used by the writer of an expository paragraph to achieve his or her purpose (!) Structure: The first sentence is a topic sentence; the second is the thesis statement. The body sentences list, explain and give examples of the paragraph’s features, and the concluding sentence summarizes the main point of the paragraph. Language: language is relatively formal Features: The paragraph uses a format of making a point followed by examples. There is â€Å"listing† transition (â€Å"One essential feature,† â€Å"Another important feature,† â€Å"A final critical feature†) between sentences to help the flow of the paragraph. PERSUASIVE PARAGRAPH Telephone solicitation is more than just an annoyance to those on the receiving end of the calls. In fact, telephone solicitation can be disastrous for people in all kinds of situations and, thus, must be stopped. For one thing, telephone solicitation typically occurs in the late afternoon and early evening, prime family time. This can cause chaos in two ways. One, continual interruption of shared family meal times, rare as they can be, can put a significant strain on family relationships; this is a troublesome point in light of the divorce statistics of today. Even worse, when families are embroiled in homework wars or are having trouble getting toddlers to bed, a poorly-timed telephone call may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, moving the suffering parents to lose their cool  completely. This could result in a form of domestic violence, verbal or even physical: yet another reason for a family to break apart. Another way in which telephone solicitation can prove dangerous to people stems from its very familiarity. Because so many telephone calls come from telephone solicitors, offering everything from insurance opportunities to vinyl siding, the calls become accepted as a legitimate way to do business. This plays into the hands of criminals. The trust individuals place in the honesty of the legitimate solicitors is extended to those who are, in fact, dishonest and out to abscond with the proceeds of others’ bank accounts. Clearly, in order to save families and their hard-earned dollars, telephone solicitation should be banned. Paragraph Analysis Purpose: to convince the reader that telephone solicitation should be banned Structure: introductory sentence, thesis statement (sentence #2), body sentences which provide examples for points made, a concluding sentence which states the thesis in stronger terms Language: language is emotionally loaded at times (ex., â€Å"disastrous,† â€Å"chaos,† â€Å"embroiled in homework wars,† â€Å"domestic violence†); added words such as â€Å"Clearly† in the concluding sentence makes it difficult to argue against the point Features: strong rhetorical language; a variety of sentence lengths keep the paragraph moving; short sentences highlight and give â€Å"punch† to inflammatory statements (ex., â€Å"This plays into the hands of criminals.†); stops argument by stating that the evidence â€Å"clearly† supports the thesis LITERARY PARGRAPH Holden Caulfield, the narrator and protagonist of J.D.Salinger’s well-known novel, The Catcher in the Rye, is an unreliable narrator. This leads the reader to suspect that Holden’s story is not all that is appears, and coaxes the reader to look more deeply into the character and his situation. Very early in the novel, Holden himself casts doubt on his reliability as a narrator when he confesses to his in-story audience, a psycho-therapist, that he is â€Å"the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life. It’s awful† (Chapter 3). This self-indictment alerts the reader to the fact that everything Holden says will need to be taken with a grain of salt and that it will be important to look beyond the surface of the text. Later in the  novel, Holden relates a story about his date with a girlfriend in which she tells him to stop yelling at a club. He protests that he â€Å"wasn’t even yelling† but it is clear from his description that he probably was yelling, and that his girlfriend was trying to calm him down. This incident, and others like it, suggests that Holden is not good at monitoring his own behaviour. This again calls into question Holden’s explanations of what goes on in the novel and encourages the reader to look seriously at the words spoken by the other characters, even if they are related through Holden’s eyes. Thus, through both Holden’s explicit assessments of his own personality and the implicit meaning of the events in the story, the reader can see that Holden Caulfield is a less-than-reliable narrator whose story must be examined deeply in order to be understood. Paragraph Analysis Purpose: to interpret and explain an aspect of a literary text Structure: First two sentences work together to alert the reader to the topic and the thesis. The body sentences extend the discussion, and the conluding sentence restated the thesis. Language: language is formal and makes use of integrated quotations to add to the authority of the interpretation Features: identifies the title of the work and the author in the introductory sentence; uses literary terms (i.e., â€Å"unreliable narrator†); uses integrated quotations to support the discussion; remains focused exclusively on the text (no â€Å"real life† references)

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Substrate Definition in Chemistry and Other Sciences

The definition of substrate depends on the context in which the word is used, particularly in the sciences. Definitions of Substrate Substrate (chemistry): A substrate is the medium in which a chemical reaction takes place or the reagent in a reaction that provides a surface for absorption. For example, in the fermentation of yeast, the substrate the yeast acts upon is sugar to produce carbon dioxide. In biochemistry, an enzyme substrate is the substance the enzyme acts upon. Sometimes the word substrate is also used as a synonym for the reactant, which is the molecule consumed in a chemical reaction. Substrate (biology): In biology, the substrate may be the surface on which an organism grows or is attached. For example, a microbiological medium may be considered a substrate. The substrate may also be the material at the bottom of a habitat, such as gravel at the base of an aquarium. Substrate may also refer to the surface on which an organism moves. Substrate (materials science): In this context, a substrate is a base on which a process occurs. For example, if gold is electroplated over silver, the silver is the substrate. Substrate (geology): In geology, substrate is underlying stratum.

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Water Pollution Is An Ever Growing Problem Essay - 1258 Words

Our planet earth is covered in water, more precisely 71% of earth’s surface is covered with water (Perlman USGS, n.d.). With this large amount of water present one would think that water pollution is not something that needs to be considered. This in fact is untrue, water pollution is an ever growing problem that our planet is facing. One form of pollution that is on the rise is nutrient loading. Nutrient loading is a becoming a large problem in waterways throughout the world both in freshwater and marine systems. Because this issue is rapidly increasing, the sustainability of these aquatic systems should be addressed more prominently to prevent the process of eutrophication that occurs consequently of nutrient loading. What exactly is nutrient loading? According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Nutrient pollution is the process where too many nutrients, mainly nitrogen and phosphorus, are added to bodies of water and can act like fertilizer, causing excessive growth of algae (Oceanic Administration, 2009). There are two sources that cause nutrient loading, point source and nonpoint source pollution. Nonpoint source pollution is pollution that does not come from a specific source but rather originates from many different places or from a wide spread area (â€Å"Sources of pollution - UF clean water campaign,† 2016). There are four main sources that contribute to nonpoint source pollution; agricultural practices, residential areas,Show MoreRelatedEnviromental Pollution785 Words   |  4 PagesEnvironmental pollution  is a term that refers to all  the ways  by which people pollute their surroundings. People dirty the air with gases and smoke, poison the wat er  with chemicals  and other substances, and damage  the soil  with too many fertilizers and pesticides:  People also  pollute their surroundings in various other ways. For example, they ruin  natural beauty  by scattering junk and litter on the land and in the water. They operate machines  and motor  vehicles that fill the air with disturbing noiseRead MoreEnvironmental Pollution And Its Effects On The Country Of Indonesia1694 Words   |  7 PagesWith both a growing population and a booming industrial economy, the country of Indonesia is experiencing rapidly growing pollution issues, including: mass deforestation, smog, water pollution, and various other forms of environmental destruction. As a poverty ridden nation lead by a government with too few resources at its disposal the issues of extreme pollution are often put on hold to other societal issues. In Indonesia, many forms of environmental pollution / destruction are not only affectingRead MoreThe Effect s Of Water Pollution On The Environment1322 Words   |  6 Pagesare many problems throughout the world, with there being starvation, war, struggles for oil.Imagine how bad these issues would be if they were in your neighborhood. The effects would be catastrophic but one major issue that most americans don t realize and have been spoiled to never being without is Clean Water. Water is a major concern all around the world but here in america we have rarely experienced any type of serious water shortages. Just because america has never had any problem such as lackRead MoreThe Problem Of Electronic Pollution Essay1642 Words   |  7 Pagesare hurting the world, for example, air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, and electronic pollution or e-waste as it is known. The one that I am most worried about myself, is the growing problem of electronic pollution. There are some ways in which the world is dealing with the problem but they aren’t effective enough to make a large enough difference to this ever growing problem. I will propose a new plan along with a set of laws to tackle the growing crisis that goes along with e-waste, andRead MoreThe Population Of The Planet Is Reaching Unsustainable1377 Words   |  6 Pagesthe planet is reaching unsustainable levels as it faces a shortage of resources like water, fuel and food. Population expansion in less developed and developing countries is straining the already scarce resources. Overpopulation is the exasperating force behind global warming, environmental pollution, habitat loss, intensive farming practices, and the consumption of finite natural resources, such as fresh water, arable land and fossil fuels, at speeds faster than their rate of regeneration. AlsoRead MoreThe Destruction Of The Habitat1567 Words   |  7 PagesThe first cost that should always be related to a surface water area is the destruction of the habitat. Once a habitat is destroyed it is hard and expensive to recover, if it can ever be recovered. Sometimes destruction is irreversible. According to Myers Kent, â€Å"Well over half of the human population lives within 100 km of the coasts† (Myers Kent, 2015). Agricultural lands surrounding these areas, along with other pollution from the metro areas are leading to the destruction on numerous habitatsRead MorePollution And Its Effects On The Environment1655 Words   |  7 Pages From the beginning of the existence of humans on planet Earth, humans have caused the majority of pollution in the environment. It is widely accepted that pollution causes negative effects on the planet and on biological health. Humans have polluted all the the four major parts to Earth; air, water, soil, and wildlife. Many countries have taken steps to limit or remove many harmful chemicals that are released into the environment but many large countries, such as China, still don t have tightRead MoreIn America, Air Pollution Was An Insidious Problem That1486 Words   |  6 Pages air pollution was an insidious problem that became so great that the government had to step in and create laws in order to regulate human activity involving pollutants. Humans generate air pollution through the combustion of fossil fuels and wood, driving a motorized vehicle, and industrial processes, such as the smelting of heavy metals. Most air pollution exists in urban areas where heavy industries p revail. The Industrial Revolution in the late twentieth century caused air pollution to greatlyRead MoreThe Water Pollution Crisis Essay1237 Words   |  5 Pagesgateway for the problems that haunt mankind today. Perhaps the biggest problem that humans have caused as a direct result of our own hands is water pollution. Humans are always in constant struggle with nature. We are always trying to overcome it, and many times we succeed. However, its those times that we turn our backs for that split second, that we will pay an eternity for. The world is involved and entangled in one of the biggest battles one could imagine. The great bodies of water are becomingRead MoreThe Effects Of Agriculture On The Environment1561 Words   |  7 Pagesagriculture is pivotal to human survival, it has some very detrimental effects on the environment. Agricultural production is first and foremost an industry that directly depends on natural resources such as water, land and a multitude of plants an d animals. The exponentially growing human population and ever changing consumption patterns have stimulated the evolution of agriculture from the traditional to a now modern, intensive system. (Natural Resources Management and Environment Department ) In the 20th